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Become a ABF instructor

Are you a Qualified Coach, Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor? If yes… you can teach our Army Boxing Fitness workouts! You don’t have to have any boxing or martial arts experience, as this is a body weight training fitness workout with intervals of pad work, raising your metabolism into maximum overdrive. Maximum results in minimum time! If you do have boxing skills, boxercise qualified or certified in Body-combat, then this can be an advantage. But effective pad drill delivery will be learnt on the course. This course is designed to deliver an effective workout for all levels of fitness. Lower options for beginners will be shown on the day.


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What you need!

No equipment is needed for the course, but if you want to bring your own bag gloves, then this is okay. Please bring a sweat towel and water. This is not a sit down course. We will not be looking at a projector in a classroom. This course mostly covers practical instruction and can be very physical. But again it is for all levels of instructor. Through out the day there is a great chance to share knowledge and experience with the other coaches.

View available courses now !!!! CLICK HERE

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our simple and effective 1 day training course is outline below. No expensive ongoing fees or monthly memberships just £8.50 for 30 minute audio workouts that keeps your training sessions fresh and up to date, motivating your personal clients, small groups or HiiT classes. All our audio workouts come with easy to follow instructional videos, workout notes and more!

1 day training course

• Introduction
• Take part in the Army Boxing Fitness class
• Dynamic warm ups
• Body weight training and lower level options
• Effective pad drill training
• Class instruction
• Media, marketing and downloads