What is Army Boxing Fitness?

Army Boxing Fitness is a high intensity interval training system designed for fitness professionals looking for an effective group workout. Monthly low cost workout music downloads with no choreography to learn, saving Instructors time and money! Created by Tom Harlow, former Military Physical Training Instructor & Army boxer, we go back to basics using body weight training …push ups, power squats, burpees & a high intensity pad workout to raise your metabolism into maximum overdrive. Maximum results in minimum time! It can be taught in a studio class or one to one personal training.

About the creator.

Tom Harlow has over 20 years experience teaching in the fitness industry. A former Physical Training Instructor in the Armed Forces, Muay Thai coach, Army boxer and also 15 years working as a full time Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor he know about physical conditioning.

He has competed in many races including The Welsh 1000 Peak Race, Survival of the Fittest, Dirty Weekend 20 mile obstacle course and Tough Mudder. Toms attention to exercise detail is what makes the Army Boxing Fitness system work.

Many thanks Tom Harlow.
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